Angling in a Pandemic: Aquatic Education during COVID-19

Will Mundhenke, SCDNR Editor: Hank Hershey In February 2020, after stints with the National Park Service and South Carolina State Museum, I applied for a position with the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, as a Fisheries Technician with the Aquatic Education division of Wildlife and Freshwater Fisheries. I made the leap from my comfortable…

Biomarkers of pollution: an early warning system

By: Dana Sackett, PhD The harm caused by toxic pollutants starts by changing the internal chemistry of an organism (chemicals in living organisms are called biochemicals).  These initial changes can cascade over time, causing damage at the cellular, tissue, organ, individual, population, and ultimately ecosystem levels.  Because pollutant-driven biochemical alterations precede larger population and ecosystem…

A Compilation of Historical Fish Art From the Last Quincentenary

The world is full of old historical artworks of fishes. Many times, these works are extremely detailed, created for identification for future users or for documentation and description of new species. Other times, these works can be very fanciful, renditions of what a particular fish may have looked like while alive, although no person at…

Escargot: Cambodian Style!

Throughout Cambodia, hundreds of tons of snails are sold in markets every year. Our mission was to chat with our fisher friends about the impacts of the invasive snails on their livelihoods and document how they were sold, eaten, and perceived by locals.

Indigo Canyon Scramble

Light reading: a short piece of prose celebrating the splendor of spring in the Alabama Piedmont region.

O-fish-al Art Recap

Welcome back, readers, to another recap of the #SundayFishSketch on Twitter. Where you get to experience highlights of the fantastic fish art being regularly posted. Don’t forget, if you are inclined to join in, but aren’t confident in your artistic skills, don’t worry! The #SundaFishSketch community is open, welcoming, and all about practicing art by…

Do Fish Ladders Work?

How do we know that fishways are working? Fishways are being designed and modified to accommodate more and more fish species. However, a major holdup towards making additional progress has been a lack of consensus on how fishways should be evaluated for successful passage of fish.

3 quick steps: Become an ally to women in science

3 quick steps: Become an ally to women in science. These basic steps can quickly and positively transform the fabric of the scientific community to be more inclusive and diverse. #womenoffisheries #womenofscience #womeninscience

O-fish-al Art Recap

Welcome back to the #SundayFishSketch recap. If you haven’t read one of these blogs before, I recap some of the themes we have covered over the last few months, highlight some great artwork by novice and professional artists alike , and gain fishy insights from our artist of the month. #WomenHistoryMonth  Our most recent theme…