Hutton Junior Fisheries Program: I’m Hooked!

The Hutton Internship program has been monumental in my pursuit of biology! I really appreciate the fisheries and aquatic experiences and opportunities gained this summer and the connections I have made with so many wonderful people.

3 quick steps: Become an ally to women in science

3 quick steps: Become an ally to women in science. These basic steps can quickly and positively transform the fabric of the scientific community to be more inclusive and diverse. #womenoffisheries #womenofscience #womeninscience

To Hells Canyon and Back: Conducting Fisheries Science with a Disability

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month, and I encourage each of you to challenge any preconceived notions you have, see, or hear about people with disabilities. Inclusivity and equity are more than buzzwords, and the field of fisheries conservation needs representation from all backgrounds in order to maximize its success. @sasha_piranha

This week: Scientific Communication Workshop

This workshop is designed to help you with #SciComm, whether you are starting your first research project, finishing up your second post-doc, or just getting your feet wet in the natural resources workforce.