The Fisheries Blog’s Founding Femme

Continuing the Fisheries Blog’s tenth anniversary celebration, we’d like to highlight some of the most iconic and memorable posts from the Fisheries Blog‘s Founding Femme, Dana Sackett.

From the very first post, through ten years of personal and professional mayhem and milestones, Dana has been an amazing asset to the Fisheries Blog team.

Dana’s writing style is grounded in her scientific expertise (Dana has a PhD in Biology and Environmental Toxicology and over a decade of professional experience in the field, after all!) but she writes in a way that makes complicated topics like understanding contaminant cocktails easy to understand. She is not afraid to tackle difficult topics like legacy pollutants, mercury in fish, and aquatic contaminants. But, she also can fun – celebrating ‘fish out of water‘, enjoying a good fish festival, and dashing your hopes of becoming Aquaman.

Some of her most influential posts have been her most personal, particularly in sharing her unconventional path as fisheries scientist, mom, and military spouse. Dana is, undoubtedly, our super model, super mom, and resident toxicologist. She is willing to tell the Fisheries Blog readers about the real skillz we need and that what we don’t know can hurt us. And, she has done this all with self-effacing grace.

As Dana transitions out of regular rotation, we wish her the best with her exciting next adventures – we are perpetually in awe of all that she does and can’t wait to see what she conquers next! And, rest assured, Dana’s Fisheries Blog legacy will hold strong – she stands undisputedly atop the leaderboard with the top viewed post of all time 🏆 (which has over half a million views and counting – no other post comes close!). Can you guess which post?

♥ Thank you for everyFIN, Dana ♥

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