A Plate of Lies

Guest Blogger: Meghan Fox; Think you ordered the Mahi Mahi for dinner? Think again! It is now very common for restaurants and food vendors to serve a fish that has been misidentified or mislabeled…

Can fish get fat?

Without fail, this time of year makes many of us turn to New Year’s Resolutions of better eating habits, weight loss, and improved exercise regimes. We want to shed our post-holiday pounds but have you ever wondered if fish can get fat as well?

The Peaceful Betta

Guest Blogger: Joelle Montes. What if I were to tell you that there is a fish out there that is equally as mesmerizing to the Siamese fighting fish but lives a more peaceful lifestyle?

Fish-inspired Halloween Costumes

On the day before Halloween, the Fisheries Blog brings you a boo-tiful list of fish, aquatic, and marine-life inspired costume ideas! 

Happy BOFFFF Day!

While mama fish may not have the same maternal instincts of our own dear mums, they do their part to sustain fish populations, particularly BOFFFFs. “What is a BOFFFF?” might you ask…A Big Old Fat Fecund Female Fish.

Dananananananana BAT RAY

Like Gotham’s caped crusader, Bat Rays soar through their surroundings. The Bat Ray is a key benthic predator and a model example of unique sensory adaptations, making the Bat Ray a hero in its own right!

Results: 2016 Readers’ Survey

With five years under our belts and over a million site visits from over 220 countries, The Fisheries Blog can now look back at our body of work and say that we’ve covered a large range of topics.  From our most popular posts on poisonous fishes, distortions by Disney, and shark anatomy to more personal posts on…

2016 Readers’ Survey

What is it that you want to see every Monday morning from The Fisheries Blog? Fill out our short survey to let us know!

How long can fish live?

While a pet Goldfish has a typical lifespan of 6-7 years, your average aquarium fish cannot compare to these short-lived and long-lived species!