Centenarians of the Sea

What is the lifespan of a Rougheye Rockfish? Take a look at this guest post by Andreas Rice to find out!

Rare orange smallmouth bass caught in Michigan

No, that’s not a goldfish! It’s a smallmouth bass (Micropterus dolomieu) with a pigment mutation called xanthism. Xanthism is one of a suite of pigment mutations that affect lots of different animals. Others include melanism, leucism, and albinism. The coloration of a fish is determined by a few different kinds of cells, and certain mutations…

Hutton Junior Fisheries Program: I’m Hooked!

The Hutton Internship program has been monumental in my pursuit of biology! I really appreciate the fisheries and aquatic experiences and opportunities gained this summer and the connections I have made with so many wonderful people.

O-fish-al Art Recap

This month on the #SundayFishSketch art recap we are highlighting three galvanizing #FishyThemes that inspired sketches, paintings, and drawings a variety of unique fish species. Continue reading for select posts from a range of #SundayFishSketch artists. #MOVIEFLOUNDERS For this first theme I asked our community to sketch fishes seen in movies. These fish could be…

What Is Marine Pharmacology?

In a world plagued by novel illnesses, the discovery and development of novel pharmaceuticals to treat them is becoming increasingly urgent. Coincidentally, a lot of people have become skeptical about the efficacy and ingredients of those treatments. What may surprise you is that there are lots of fascinating pharmaceuticals that are sourced directly from the…

United States of Fish

Impress your friends and family at your next cookout with facts about the officially-designated state/province fish of Canada and the U.S.

O-fish-al Art Recap

There’s a myriad of reasons that fishes are beloved by people. Whether you’re an angler, a naturalist, or an aquarist, the love of fish brings people together. The #SundayFishSketch on Twitter brings together fish enthusiasts through art. A weekly prompt to get the creative juices flowing, the paintbrushes wetted, and the pencils sharpened. Below I…