Welcome to The Fisheries Blog!

Hi everyone, and welcome to the opening of The Fisheries Blog.  The Fisheries Blog is a website created by three fisheries students and friends who wanted a forum to share short, information-packed articles on topical fisheries themes.  Each Monday morning, we’ll be posting one article written by one of our bloggers and these articles will range from paper reviews of published primary literature, synopses of ongoing research projects, information on interesting topics, and details of professional meetings.  There is no prescribed article type, so you’ll have to check in weekly to find out what we are talking about this week.  Additionally, we welcome guest bloggers—if you have something unique and fisheries you would like to cover—and we will also do our best to address questions.

The Fisheries Blog is specifically designed to reach the widest audience possible. We hope our articles are of use to the seasoned fisheries professional looking to stay current with the literature, to the fisheries undergraduate who is still identifying the fundamental concepts of fisheries science, all the way to someone looking for interesting information about fish science.  We will have space to comment on articles and we encourage any readers to leave their thoughts for others to consider.  Please let us know how you use The Fisheries Blog as well as any comments or questions you have.

Dana Sackett
Patrick Cooney
Steve Midway


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