Results: 2016 Readers’ Survey

With five years under our belts and over a million site visits from over 220 countries, The Fisheries Blog can now look back at our body of work and say that we’ve covered a large range of topics.  From our most popular posts on poisonous fishes, distortions by Disney, and shark anatomy to more personal posts on…

2016 Readers’ Survey

What is it that you want to see every Monday morning from The Fisheries Blog? Fill out our short survey to let us know!

Why be a #SocialFish?

Whether you are an early adopter or a luddite like me, there’s no denying that social media has transformed the way we interact with each other and the way we communicate our science.

Why is genetic diversity important?

Genetic diversity and the portfolio effect can help buffer species against global change. The greater the genetic diversity, the greater the opportunity for resiliency to future climate change. When it comes to fish conservation in an era of global change, genetic diversity is like a diversified financial portfolio. If you bet everything on one strain, you could end up with…

My Fishy Valentine

From the free love fest of Nassau Groupers to the one, true love of the Four-eyed Butterflyfish, this Valentine’s Day, The Fisheries Blog take a look at the different forms of fish love ♥ ♥ ♥

Fish or Treat: 6 Halloween Inspired Fish

Illustrated by Hannah Dean; Written by Patrick Cooney In October of last year we brought you fish that inspired scary Halloween costumes.  This year we bring you a new gang of ghastly fish with Halloween inspired names. Vampire Fish Vampire fish have massive 6 inch fangs used to impale fish.  Although vampire fish have a Transylvania inspired name,…

I Am A Fisheries Biologist

So what are these crazy unrealistic fisheries biologists up to?  They are working with the United Nations and non-fisheries folks to help provide food for a growing global population.  

Raw Salmon Linked to Death In Dogs

By Patrick Cooney Knowledge of two simple things could make the difference in the life of your dog: Know the geographic region where your salmon was harvested. Do not feed raw or undercooked salmon to your dog. Can salmon kill my dog? Consumption by dogs of raw or undercooked salmon from California, Oregon, and Washington…

What is the actual value of our nation’s fisheries?

Why should you care about fisheries in the United States? The Factual Fish Squeezer eloquently explains the economical, ecological, and cultural reasons in the following video. Dr. Jesse “Factual Fish Squeezer” Trushenski is a fisheries scientist, foodie, and fish culturist, or “fish squeezer” as they are affectionately known. The Factual Fish Squeezer is committed to communicating…

10 Scary Fish in Natural Halloween Costumes

 By Patrick Cooney All of these fish are real and they sure look like they are wearing scary Halloween costumes inspired by menacing characters. Be sure to let us know in the poll at the bottom which one you think is the scariest fish of them all. 1. Sarcastic Fringehead as Predator Sarcastic Fringehead Blennies live in the…

EXTREME FISHES: Fish can live there?

Fish live in almost every aquatic ecosystem on the planet. But, in some of the places that fish live – dry deserts, extraordinary pressure, absolute darkness, below-freezing temperatures, and harsh acidity – it’s hard to imagine that anything can survive.

How can you turn volunteers into Citizen Scientists? Go Fish!

Guest Author Katie Pierson: “I enjoy empowering diverse parties in scientific research, be it citizen science or facilitating research collaboration.  No matter where life takes me, I will always love being out in the field with people and fish.” s heavy fog nestles into the corners of the bay and sea lions loudly discuss their…