Recapture: Taking a look back at how non-game scientists are showcasing small, but important, fish.

We live in a polarized world where many folks are completely disconnected with the natural world around them. Finding new ways to connect to an ever evolving demographic is a challenging endeavor.

It’s easy for people to see larger game species that dominate the headlines and “likes” and not even blink at a smaller “less important” fish. We believe that if we can change the prospective, or size of the angler, we can highlight these non-game species in the same light.

Their importance to our ecosystems often goes unnoticed by the general public. Finding ways to get this information to them is challenging if they cannot relate to the topic.

Therefore, we created Duke’s Instagram account to introduce people to the world of non-game fish. 

continue reading the article and see more awesome pictures of Duke and beautiful fish here.

Written by guest authors: Luke Etchison & Drew Holloway

Editor and Contributor: Patrick Cooney

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