How one scientist transformed scientific art

Art and science aren’t that different. Both require a deep level of curiosity, an experimental process, patience, and a high tolerance for failure. For me it just makes sense to blend the two, it’s a win-win.

The New Rules of Science Communication

If these rules are followed, your impact will grow, interest in your work will increase and so will your network of like-minded people. Fishery Scientists can take on this responsibility and run with it, and the time is now.

Facts and Fallacies: A Columbus/Indigenous Day Fish Story

We take a look at a very particular occurrence on one of Columbus’ return trips to the Western Hemisphere where he encountered indigenous people using, perhaps, one of the most interesting methods ever employed to catch fish.

run. fish. beer. Conservation through Recreation.

The premise of “The Rare Fish Rare Beer Project” is simple:  we believe that the brain cell that drives a craft beer / spirits snob is the exact same brain cell that fuels a native fish advocate.  We’re just connecting the dots in a super tasty way…

Invasivores Unite: Eat invasive species, save the world

Author: Patrick Cooney Artist: Henry Hershey (twitter: @spoonbill_hank; insta: @hanks_fish_art) Invasivore: A person who eats invasive species to reduce the ecological impact of invaders. Bad news Humans are to blame for the spread of aquatic invasive species across the globe.  The United States Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) says, “Aquatic nuisance species are spread many ways…