Got Skillz?

By: Dana Sackett, PhD

Much of my adult life has been dictated by the needs of the military (my husband’s employer), including frequent moves.  As a result, I have often had to find ways to gain and develop new skill sets to keep myself employed in the field of environmental science.  Following our most recent move, I found myself searching for online classes to develop skills that could help with employment at our newest location. This search made me wonder about which skills are truly the most important to gaining employment and keeping employment in the different disciplines of aquatic science. I am also assuming that I am not the only one that would find this information useful. 

Therefore, in this week’s The Fisheries Blog I am asking our readers to help provide guidance and some resources to those just starting-out, those planning to switch careers, or those trying to improve the extensive number of skills needed to work in the various disciplines that make-up aquatic science. So, please take a few moments to fill-out the short survey below and help us better recognize the skills that have served people best in our respective fields. I will analyze the results of this survey in the next few weeks and present a summary of our findings in an article here with resources on how to gain some of those desired skills.

Please leave a thought provoking reply. We reserve the right to remove comments deemed inappropriate.

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