I’m Just a Bill: The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act and You

If you hang out in fisheries or wildlife circles, you’ve likely seen or heard talk about something called the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act. Perhaps you’ve wondered to yourself “That sounds good, but what’s it all about?” Here’s a quick guide to the basics of the Act – also referred to as “RAWA” – and what…

Take a seat at the (policy) table

While there are many “ingredients” in the “sausage making” that we call policy making, science can play an important role in informing those processes…

What is our fisheries research impact?

The daily work of fishery managers can have very tangible impact on the resources…research can be a bit more removed but can still have a significant impact with engagement of appropriate audiences.

Freshwater, Fish, and the Future

While fishing, itself, is often the largest anthropogenic influence on marine fisheries, inland fisheries are often impacted by other societal needs and uses of water resources, particularly competition for freshwater needed for agricultural production, human consumption, and power generation.