How to “attend” a professional meeting without attending

There are many reasons, financial, personal, professional, which inhibit us from attending every relevant conference and meeting in person. While other means of communication and engagement will surely never replace the experience of being present at a conference, we do now often have alternative means to participate in some capacity…

A student’s guide to networking at professional conferences

  Your fisheries professor has probably been looking forward to the Annual AFS meeting with same enthusiasm of a host waiting for party guests… but as a student at your first meeting, you probably feel a child standing in line for their first roller coaster ride.  For students who have not had practice in attending meetings, professional conferences can be intimidating, indeed!…

Why be a #SocialFish?

Whether you are an early adopter or a luddite like me, there’s no denying that social media has transformed the way we interact with each other and the way we communicate our science.

Value of Professional Conferences

In an age of constantly advancing telecommunications, there’s still something irreplaceably human about connecting with a wide range of colleagues in person at a professional conference.