Happy BOFFFF Day!

While mama fish may not have the same maternal instincts of our own dear mums, they do their part to sustain fish populations, particularly BOFFFFs. “What is a BOFFFF?” might you ask…A Big Old Fat Fecund Female Fish.

Predators reject yellow perch egg skeins

Yellow perch produce eggs in gelatinous ribbons, but so far nobody knows why. We explored this peculiar trait by conducted some experiments to see if these ribbons protect eggs from predators. Helpless and delicious. Fish eggs and larvae are an energy-rich meal for predators. For some species, predator consumption of eggs and larvae can reach up…

Book review: Sex in the Sea

If you like dirty jokes about whale junk, we know just the book. As you know, we at The Fisheries Blog are fascinated with reproductive ecology of fishes. I’ve written articles on multi-species spawning parties and other strange spawning tactics, and Patrick is fascinated with sex-changing clownfish and doubly-endowed sharks. But Dr. Marah Hardt has us beat….

Why do sharks have two penises?

By Patrick Cooney, Certified Fisheries Professional The male shark circles, grabs onto the female’s pectoral fin with his mouth and bites down.  He keeps a tight grip with his sharp teeth while she remains motionless.  He slides in alongside her and curls his body in an arch.  The act is complete when he uses one…

Strange Spawning: interesting reproductive fish facts exposed

by Brandon Peoples We’ve written indirectly about some strange spawning here on The Fisheries Blog…like how Nemo was a hermaphrodite who would have mated with his female dad …or how bluehead chubs want to spawn so bad, they’ll carry rocks twice the size of their head to build massive reproductive pyramids…or even how salmon travel…