Reflections on 2013

It has been a great 2013 for The Fisheries Blog as we’ve seen our audience grow, largely as our topics and writers have increased.  To finish up the year, we will borrow a concept from others and give you what you are truly craving—the best of 2013!

But before we hit the highlights, listen to Patrick Cooney, a writer with The Fisheries Blog, give a presentation about how we approach scientific communication.  This was presented at the American Fisheries Society conference in September 2013.

Click Here to watch the Presentation!

And once you are done with the video and looking for more before the New Year’s ball drops, take a look at some of your favorite stories we covered in 2013!

Nemo Causes a News Uproar
“Leave it to a scientist to ruin Finding Nemo!”  These were actually some of the kinder words we received regarding Patrick Cooney’s discussion on how a real life Finding Nemo might play out…

Fish on Fire
With the increases of wildfire in the news, Steve Midway explained how these burning landscapes impacted stream inhabitants to many interested readers.

Just when antibacterial claims are again making the news, our very own Dana Sackett provided us with a thoroughly interesting look at the dangers of antibiotics.

The Importance of Fish
Ok, we know you all don’t need to be reminded how important fish are…but once more won’t hurt. Especially when the reminder comes in the form of this excellent overview by our brand-new blogger Abby Lynch.

Val Kells Stops By
Among all of Brandon People’s excellent reporting from this past year, it’s hard to beat his interview with one of the best fish illustrators in the business.

And thanks again to all our guest blogger that have contributed over the past year: Tobey Curtis, Craig Springer, Ed Kluender, Erin Miller, Dr. Lindsay Campbell, Gus Engman, Leigh Anne Harden, Kristine Stump, and Byron Levan.

Once again, have a great New Year, everyone, and we look forward to more fisheries news in 2014!
Dana, Abby, Brandon, Patrick, and Steve

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Thanks for the great year, looking forward to what you all come up with in 2014.

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