Repeat Spawner Series: Fisheries Science “Unplugged”

If a sturgeon leaps from the water and no one’s there to tweet about it, does it make a splash?

Sometimes it’s good to disconnect from the digital world and experience the natural world around us. Read further about one of my “unplugged” (but still fishy) experiences:

Earlier this week, fellow Nicholls State University biology professor Dr. Gary LaFleur Jr. sent me photos from his biomarkers class after they “went off the grid”. Students took pirogues (a type of canoe) to a local Louisiana swamp for a class discussion. “We escaped electricity and had class surrounded by the plants and animals of the estuary.” CONTINUED…

Photo Credits:
A relative of the Lake Sturgeon, a Gulf Sturgeon leaps! Read Patrick Cooney’s post on leaping sturgeon here. Photo Credit: Associated Press
Nicholls State University biology graduate students head down the bayou and off the grid. Photo Credit: Gary LaFleur Jr.

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