Big Fish Name Generator

If you’re anything like me, you have probably gained close to 10 pounds over the last month, which means it’s time to own up to your new nickname. With our new name generator, let your birthday decide what your friends should call you as they admire your new trophy fish bod.

These are all real slang terms that anglers and biologists use to describe one of the best kinds of fish: long and fat ones. Some of these come from suggestions from friends and colleagues on twitter who have very creative, and sometimes extremely specific nicknames for different types of large fish.  

For example, in BC you might see some “barn doors” being filleted on the halibut charter boats (@Noe11e__), or “egg wagons” (big, gravid female steelhead) being landed on the Skeena. On Lake Guntersville, you might hear a ‘Bama fan brag about his “hydrilla gorilla” (an affectionate moniker for largemouth bass that hide in the invasive macrophytes). My personal favorite comes from Taylor Ward (@SalvelinusMan) and needs little explanation, especially if you’re a country music fan:

Tweet at us (@FisheriesBlog) or comment your favorite nicknames for big chonky bois, and we’ll share our favorite replies! Thanks to those of you who have already contributed!! Also, for a much more detailed look into the psychology and etymology of trophy fish nomenclature, read Andy Whitcomb’s 2010 article on entitled “A hawg by any other name”.

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