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  1. Lurene says:

    This is soooo AWESOME!!!!!!

  2. calviny11 says:

    Love the photo of the fish frozen in Norway; didn’t realize that could happen so fast.

  3. mamunmd says:

    How to Remove Twist from Fishing Line
    Step 1
    Remove all tackle from your fishing line. You want a completely naked line.
    Step 2
    With the boat idling forward, feed line off of the spool into the water. Let as much as 3/4 of the spool out. In the video I took the line all the way down to the backing.
    Step 3
    Let the line drag behind the boat. The force of the water moving over the fishing line will remove the twist from it. This takes about five minutes.
    Step 4
    Evenly reel the line in so the line is packed smooth and tight. Irregularly reeling in the line can cause it to bite in on itself, especially on braided line.

  4. Anna R Grow says:

    Excellent post. It makes me realize the energy of words and pictures. Blogs are not just to fill words it must have some aim and relevance to the readers. You achieved that here. Good attempt and do more here with new words and concepts.

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