Fish-inspired Halloween Costumes

Compiled by Abigail Lynch

In previous years, the Fisheries Blog has brought you goulishly named fishes and fishes in naturally scary costumes.  This year, for all you procrastinators out there, on the day before Halloween, we bring you a boo-tiful list of fish, aquatic, and marine-life inspired costume ideas.  A spook-tacular thanks to those willing to share their creative ideas for this post!  Feel free to include additional costume concepts in the comments below.

Kids Costumes

The bite marks on her crib can attest to this fierce, little Jaws!
This little fishy stands out in his “school.”
A little Mermaid of Leahi; she’s no fish out of water!

Adult Costumes

For invertebrate affectionados, fringe up as a ctenophore (left) or grab an umbrella for a mesopelagic jelly (right).
Poka dots look good on both Brook Trout and their admirers.

Couples Costumes

“This one’s a keeper!”
Self-titled: “Rush Hour goes fishing.”

Family Costumes

This little flounder has her daddy hooked!
On the outside, narwhal. On the inside, unicorn!!


(So, not technically a costume but a super fun and fishy float!)



Happy Halloween from the Fisheries Blog! 

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