The fish so nice, we named ’em twice

By: Patrick Cooney

Couscous, Walla Walla, Yo-Yo, New York, New York.  Some things are so nice, we name them twice.

There are a decent number of organisms that belong to a unique group called tautonyms.  Tautonyms are unique because they have the same word for genus and species in their scientific name.

Today we celebrate fish tautonyms by creating fun art to help you remember their names.

Rama rama

Mola mola

Banjos banjos

Spinachia spinachia

Lota lota

Hippocampus hippocampus

Torpedo torpedo

Solea solea

Squatina squatina

Brama brama

Belone belone

Boops boops

Zebrus zebrus

Check out this huge list of tautonyms.

Also, can you think of any common names for fish that repeat themselves, besides Mahi Mahi, of course?

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Gib Brogan says:

    Histrio histrio.

  2. Anguilla Anguilla (European eel) and Leuciscus leuciscus (Dace)

  3. The art is a wonderful way to remember scientific names!

    Here are a few more:
    Huso huso (Beluga sturgeon).
    Alosa alosa (Allis shad)
    Hucho hucho (Huchen or Danube salmon)
    Thymallus thymallus (Grayling)

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