Halloween’s greatest hits

It’s hard to believe we’ve been writing The Fisheries Blog for over six years. Over the years, we’ve been known to do a holiday-themed post or two.

This week, we skip the traditional Monday post for a special wrap-up of Halloween-flavored posts over the year.

Scary stuff!

Way back in 2013, one of the first posts I ever did as a regular contributor to The Fisheries Blog was about shreckstoff—the ‘scary stuff’ that many fishes emit when attacked. Shreckstoff acts a warning signal to conspecifics who can ‘smell fear’ and run for cover in case of an attack from a predator.

Such a creepy koi. Source.

Fishes inspire horror characters

With traits like giant teeth, sharp spines, and huge dull eyes, many fishes can be pretty scary. In our 2014 Halloween post, Patrick showed us the top 10 creepiest fishes that have inspired characters from some of our favorite scary movies.

the Sarcastic Fringehead may be an inspiration for the Predator movies.

Artistically creepy fishes

Witch Fish, Bonefish, and Goblin Shark are just a few of the fish species that seem naturally suited for Halloween celberations. In 2015, our guest artist Hannah Dean drew up an amazing set of freaky Halloween-themed fishes.


One we didn’t include was the true Halloween-themed fish—the Halloween Darter Percina Crypta!

The Halloween Darter. Source.

Fish-themed costumes

And of course, the list wouldn’t be complete with a post on suggested fish-themed costumes. Full-body Brook Trout costumes. Father-daughter flounder costumes. A fishy Halloween parade float. Dana brings it all together in last year’s Halloween post.

This little flounder has her daddy hooked!

Happy Halloween folks, enjoy your fish-or-treating!




2 Comments Add yours

  1. Lou says:

    I always enjoy the topics of this blog!!!! Great work!

  2. Joshua Jarvis says:

    All these Halloween themed fish but no pumpkinseed or ghost shiner.

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