Repeat spawner series: Fun Fish Festivals

From the Fisheries Blog, we wish you a Happy Fourth!

Though celebrations and typical summer activities, such as outdoor festivals, may look different this year, we hope you enjoy this “repeat spawner” post – a virtual visit to some fun fish festivals with Dana Sackett from October 2018. Do you know of any other fish festivals that should be on this list? If so, please let us know in the comments!

Since moving to Germany, I have loved attending the near endless number of festivals that seem to fill the calendar year round.  Summer fests turn into fall wine fests, which then seamlessly transitioned into various harvest, pumpkin, and beer festivals (including the famous Oktoberfest in Munich).  Next will be the winter festivals and Christkindl markets.  Then, before anyone realizes it, it’s time for Fasching (similar to Mardi Gras), spring fests, and summer festivals to start the cycle again.  While enjoying these festivities I started to wonder where and what types of fish festivals exists…click here to continue reading the original post!

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