This week: Scientific Communication Workshop

Join our Workshop titled “Scientific Communication: Engaging everyone with your science

Thursday, September 10, 2020, 1pm to 5pm (EDT)

FREE Workshop with Virtual Meeting Registration (


A well-rounded scientist can engage with a variety of audiences. Whether an academic seminar, elementary school outreach, the prospect of blogging, or speaking to an angry constituent group, each audience can have high expectations of you as the subject matter expert. This workshop is designed to help you with sci comm, whether you are starting your first research project, finishing up your second post-doc, or just getting your feet wet in the natural resources workforce. In a virtual venue, three experts will present on: 1) designing an effective seminar presentation; 2) crafting key scientific findings in understandable and concise ways to engage your public audience; and 3) harnessing the power of social media. Each presentation will also engage attendees in chat and discussion to improve everyone’s ability to engage anyone with their science.

Presenters & Topics

Dr. Richard McBride, NOAA Fisheries, will speak on “Designing an effective presentation,” using the assertion-evidence approach. As an AFS member for > 30 years, and after sitting through 100s of presentations, Rich offers some simple tips to help you with your next seminar-style talk.

Aaron Bunch, Clemson University, demonstrates that “Translating your fisheries science to the public” is not as hard as it sounds! Aaron outlines principles and theories of different communication styles, including writing a popular article for a general audience, another great place to begin your journey of scientific communication.

Patrick Cooney, Smith-Root & The Fisheries Blog, will present on “Casting a large net: Using Social Media To Effectively Communicate Your Science.” As a co-founder of The Fisheries Blog, Patrick offers a decade of insight of using weekly online scientific communications that reach a broad audience.


GoToWebinar (up to 500) available to all those registered for the AFS Virtual Annual Meeting. Speakers will work to make the presentations interactive by stopping for questions at specific points, following written questions through chat, opening it up for questions at end of each presentation, and holding a round table discussion at the conclusion of the final presentation.

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