United States of Fish

Impress your friends and family at your next cookout with facts about the officially-designated state/province fish of Canada and the U.S.

Fish Ninjas: Alaskan scientists swoop in to capture fish

In Alaska, salmon are king. As an organism and a resource, they are the pinnacle of cultural, financial, and ecological value. Scientists are going ninja to enable salmon to continue reigning as king over these waters for generations to come.

Why is genetic diversity important?

Genetic diversity and the portfolio effect can help buffer species against global change. The greater the genetic diversity, the greater the opportunity for resiliency to future climate change. When it comes to fish conservation in an era of global change, genetic diversity is like a diversified financial portfolio. If you bet everything on one strain, you could end up with…

Salmon On the Fringe: Not all who wander are lost

Guest Post By: Karen Dunmall, PhD Candidate, University of Manitoba Edited by Patrick Cooney I study salmon “on the fringe”. They are not part of the mainstream. They exist on the extreme periphery. They live in the Arctic. Specifically, the Canadian Arctic of the Northwest Territories. Naturally, Pacific salmons are primarily distributed in waters of…

Killing sea lions to save salmon

By Patrick Cooney I rubbed my eyes, focused, and asked: Is it Sasquatch? A massive beaver pushing a log? Or is it Humphrey the Wayward Whale up to his old shenanigans? After spending much of my life in rivers around the globe, I had never seen such a large hairy beast plying freshwater like I…